About me

After qualifying in 1997, I worked in industry for several years. Gaining experience in both Travel and Tourism and the Financial Services. On starting my family, I soon realised that I needed a flexible working environment. So, in 2005 I started my own accountancy practise.

The benefit of running my own practise is getting a chance to really understand both the client and the client’s business. Keeping in contact with my clients on a regular basis helps me do just that.

I enjoy family walks with our dog Mabel, either in the nearby woods, Lionwood, or for beach walks on the Norfolk coast. In a bid to keep fit, I have recently taken up judo and am very proud of my newly awarded brown belt. Following a family visit to Slovenia, we have as a family started keeping bees – they are fascinating

Norfolk Chartered Accountant

It is important to me that we have a good working relationship. People are often uncomfortable talking about their finances and so any circumstances that help ease communication are essential.

Tailoring what I offer to suit your needs, I am here to help as much or as little as you would like me to, it is your choice.

A major part of my role is to save you time, making your life easier and helping your business grow.

I do not charge extra for ad hoc meetings or phone calls, as I feel these are essential for a good working relationship and the smooth flow of communication.

If you would like more information about the services I offer or would like to book in for a free consultation then please call me on 07599 955262 or email admin@cgaccountancy.co.uk